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Author:  chenjesu [ October 26th, 2017 05:38:28 am ]
Post subject:  Podcasts

I'm listening to a podcast called The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps. It's pretty good, even though it's clearly impossible to cover the history of philosophy without *any* gaps. It feels pretty thorough, though. Obviously, listening to it wouldn't make anyone more of a philosopher, but I think it's fun to learn where today's philosophical ideas originate. Still, I enjoy listening to philosophers from history. I enjoyed the episodes about Plotinus. He is my favorite so far. Since I know only one living philosopher (Lewis), I want to know if he's heard of it or if he has an opinion on the podcast. Lewis, have you heard this podcast, and if so, what is your opinion on it? Does it come woefully short of covering philosophy without any gaps?

Any other podcast discussion is appropriate for this thread, unless it's about RequestCast, since that has its own forum.

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