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Author:  Diane Heaton [ September 8th, 2016 06:43:37 am ]
Post subject:  Closing this subforum

In recent years, this forum section's mainly had two roles: it's a record of posts from back when Terror Island was going on, and it's a spambot magnet.

I'm tired of deleting spam posts here, and I'm especially tired of not checking for a while and then seeing that I've had pages and pages of spam topics displayed here for months. I'm keeping the section here but locking it.

New discussions about Terror Island are rare, but some people might want to start one anyway. Because I approve of those people, I'm going to take the unprecedented and possibly reckless step of declaring Terror Island discussion on-topic for all other TimeFan subforums. This takes precedence over any of those subforums' rules about what's off-topic. I have not notified any of the other moderators of this.

Thank you for reading the Terror Island forum.

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