Happy Leap Day!
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Author:  Diane Heaton [ February 29th, 2008 22:39:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Happy Leap Day!

It's February 29, for the first time since 2004. I trust you're all spending the day remembering the old leap year rhyme:

Multiple of four,
Leap some more.
Multiple of a hundred,
Leapers blundered.
Multiple of four hundred,
"Leap after all!" they thundered.

Author:  Ushanka [ February 29th, 2008 23:09:04 pm ]
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Somewhere, somewhen, a Mayan calendarmaker is screaming in frustration.

Author:  Diane Heaton [ March 1st, 2008 09:56:50 am ]
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Feel free to use this thread to post doggerel mnemonics about the Mayan calendar as well.

Author:  BatmanAoD [ March 4th, 2008 00:55:09 am ]
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On Feb 29th my (male) friend asked me and a mutual friend (who is also male) if we wanted to have a threesome. I looked at him in confusion and he laughed "it doesn't count, it's a leap day."

I responded with "oh, so we don't have to feel guilty about it for another four years? Sweet!"

This somehow led to an idea for a movie about a were-baby (a normal guy who turns into a baby at the full moon).

Author:  tinyfolk [ March 7th, 2008 20:21:24 pm ]
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a) I see no reason to feel guilty about that.

b) I have cousins who are twins and were born on Leap Day. They have, as of this year, had six birthdays, despite being twenty-four years old.

Author:  BatmanAoD [ March 7th, 2008 22:04:55 pm ]
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Ah, a real-life Pirates of Penzance type thing, except with twins?

That is awesome.

Although they probably hated it when they were kids and everyone else was having 4 birthdays to their 1.

Author:  chenjesu [ March 13th, 2008 08:49:13 am ]
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They must be looking forward to later in life when they can say "I'm twenty-three" when they are obviously over eighty years old.

Author:  BatmanAoD [ March 13th, 2008 13:04:27 pm ]
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And then when people think they're just crazy old men, they can explain it and everyone will be shocked and amazed!

Also, I know you haven't really been "gone" all this time, Chenjesu, but it's nice to have you back and operating at full speed again (that is to say, thank you for replying to about 10 posts all at once).

Author:  chenjesu [ March 19th, 2008 09:39:42 am ]
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When did I say that I was gone?

Author:  BatmanAoD [ March 19th, 2008 15:55:19 pm ]
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You didn't, you just stopped posting very much. That's why I put gone in quotes. Not to imply that I was quoting you.

Author:  chenjesu [ March 23rd, 2008 07:40:45 am ]
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Actually, to tell you the truth, I wanted to trick you all into thinking I was gone, and then start posting a few months later. But I guess it didn't work!

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