I believe we are safe from raptors here
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Author:  no-genius [ February 11th, 2007 13:04:58 pm ]
Post subject:  I believe we are safe from raptors here

Is this true? I need to know

Author:  Ushanka [ February 11th, 2007 19:33:35 pm ]
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We are always only temporarily safe. The raptors are continuously watching, observing, learning. It will not be long before they have discovered how to access the intertubes. I suspect that they will be atrocious typists, in the manner of pre-teen AOLers.

Author:  william [ December 31st, 2007 01:17:35 am ]
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Also, they won't wear hats.

Author:  Ravenswood [ December 31st, 2007 19:27:27 pm ]
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If by "here" you mean the period of time between 64,000,000 BC and AD 2012, then, yes, we are safe "here".

Author:  BatmanAoD [ December 31st, 2007 19:34:19 pm ]
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What, you mean you actually buy into the official "extinction" story?

So naive. You probably also believe that we landed on the moon, that Area 51 doesn't exist, that the Titanic was sunk by an iceberg...

Author:  BatmanAoD [ December 31st, 2007 19:37:38 pm ]
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I forgot how awesome that video is..."barely melted at all" makes me chuckle every time.

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